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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Mostly Writing

Happy Easter to those who celebrate the holiday!

Made very good progress yesterday on the WIP. I'm still waffling, though, about the end of this one scene/chapter. I kind of did a paragraph that went along the lines of: "after twenty minutes, she still didn't have any concrete answers." On the one hand, I wonder if I should have expounded on that instead of summing up. On the other hand, it's not important dialogue and I hated to waste time/story space on it. Maybe once I get some feedback, I'll have a clearer idea if it's okay or if I should change it.

I moved on to the next chapter, and I think that went well. Until I hit a fight scene. I've decided those are by far my least favorite things to write. It used to be a toss up between the love scenes and the action, but not any longer. Sigh. Action scenes have so many layers to them and the choreography is daunting at times.

Last night, there was a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie on Spike and I had that on for a while, hoping I could become inspired by some of his moves. No such luck. The fight scenes were relatively short and very specialized for his talents. Talents which my hero does not have. I finally decided to put aside the writing for the day and work on other stuff.

Update to the furniture story I posted yesterday. My dad and his two lodge buddies did NOT get a chair assembled. They adjusted one of the chairs already put together so it wouldn't rock. So after hours and hours, they accomplished about 10 minutes worth of work. Sigh.

The Twins game last night was exciting. I hear the groans, but I haven't talked baseball since Japan won the World Baseball thing. The rest of this post is all ball, so you can stop reading here if you want.

In the bottom of the ninth, they were trailing the damn Yankees 5-4. Castillo beats out an infield roller. Mauer battles with the DY's premier closer, Riviera, (I probably spelled that wrong, but the damn Yankees don't have their names on the back of their uniforms.) and gets a hit. It should have been a single, but the left fielder threw it to third to try to get Castillo who'd been running with a full count. Castillo was safe and Mauer went into second. There were no outs. Rondell White bats next. He strikes out swinging. Torii Hunter is next. He strikes out looking. I thought the game was over then. Morneau, the Twins first baseman, hit a single to the right side of the field and both Castillo and Mauer scored giving the Twins a 6-5 victory! Exciting stuff!