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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Clone Me, Please!

So I did somewhere between 4 and 5 pages yesterday. For a few brief and shining moments, I thought I'd finish the chapter, then I read what I'd written and realized I'd gone off and info dumped. :-( After I cut all the explanation, I realized I wasn't quite sure where I wanted to go from there, and since it was already getting late, I decided to sleep on it. I can now report that sleeping did not provide any answers. :-) I'll have to think about it this morning and see what comes to me.

After making progress on the To Do List, I've now fallen farther behind with the addition of new items. Sigh. I have to write some kind of introduction for the RT panel I'm on in Daytona and I have no clue what to write. Okay, here's my big secret--I never, ever pay attention to introductions. Not at RT the one year I was there and not at RWA National. I'm paying for that now as I try to figure out what the heck to say about myself. If you were going to listen to a panel of authors, what kind of things would you want to know about them?

I'm also supposed to blog over at 2 B Read on Friday and have no clue what to talk about. Too bad I can't just do stream of consciousness like I do here. That's easy. :-) Most days. Anyone have a suggestion on what they'd like to see me talk about?