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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Nicest Drivers? Huh?

I heard that a survey was done and Minneapolis was said to have the nicest drivers. Link to Yahoo News Story. I'd like to know what the criteria was that brought these results. Minneapolis has some of the rudest drivers and I absolutely hate driving here. I'd rather drive in Chicago or a bunch of other major cities.

Trying to merge on the freeway in Minneapolis? Be prepared for oncoming traffic to speed up so you can't get on in front of them. Same goes if you want to switch lanes--they'll speed up so you can't get in.

Drivers here go fast. Really fast. If the speed limit is 60 mph, be prepared to be tailgated if you're doing 75 mph.

Drivers cut in and out of lanes without signaling. Did you leave 3/4 of a car length in front of you? Someone's going to try to squeeze in so be prepared to slam on your brakes. These idiot drivers here will even cut semi-trucks off that short and that's just plain stupid since the stopping distance is longer.

Then you have the cell phone brigade. One of the guys at work calls the left lane the "cell phone lane." Because people will pull on the freeway, cut all the way over to the left lane, slow down and dial their phone. This really interferes with our race car drivers who want to do 85 mph in that lane.

About the only way Minneapolis qualifies on the nice driver list is when it comes to horn honking. No one here honks--or at least very seldom. Maybe that was the sole criteria for this survey--honking. If so, okay, we are nice. If they looked at anything else, then this company may want to fire whoever they hired to conduct the survey--clearly they're incompetent.

I hate driving here and it's because of how rude people are. There's also our congestion issue since the freeways here are horribly out of date. I think that might add to the rudeness.

Anyway, I'm hoping to work half days this week. I didn't get an official okay before I left work yesterday, but I've never been turned down before and I don't expect I will this time either. I'm still tired because I'm just having an awful time falling asleep at night. Ryne and Deke have been on my mind, keeping me awake. I know what I want to do in the chapter I'm working on, but it's transitioning between topics that I'm obsessing over right now. Odds are, though, I'd just be obsessing about something else anyway, so this is as good a subject as anything.