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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Pretty Good Saturday

All in all, Saturday turned out to be a pretty darn good day despite the fact that it was raining and cold--again.

I finished the scene that has been giving me fits! I discovered that the problem was that I thought Ryne would be acting one way and was insisting on trying to write it that way. After wheel spinning, I finally asked both characters if they had a problem. Being the perceptive person I can be, I started with Deke who had no issue. :-) Once Ryne told me that she'd never behave that way, and I wrote the scene with her correction, things went smoothly.

The really cool thing that happened yesterday, though, was that I woke up with a plot for the Crimson City novella I have due mid-June! I wasn't even focusing on this just yet, but I did have a loose (very loose) idea of what I wanted to do. Now I have particulars. Yea! I just need to get some questions answered to nail down a few big picture details and then do some daydreaming about it.

I stayed up way too late last night, not working, just reading some stuff and I'm paying the price today. I still woke up before 8am which I knew would happen, but I stayed in bed and tried to fall back asleep anyway. Didn't happen and I finally got up. My goal was to start writing by 9am and I just finished my coffee. Tonight, I have to do better.

Happy Mother's Day!