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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Those of you who've been following the blog know about my table saga. How after a nearly three month wait for the darn thing to be delivered that it was damaged. How I've had to wait for a replacement since the end of March. Well, the furniture store called and they plan to deliver it on Friday. Send out positive vibes, please, that this table is not damaged and that the quest for a perfect table and four chairs that do not wobble has come to an end.

I can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but I have three mounds of dirt in my yard--okay, it's sand. Today they are supposed to come and grade my yard so that it will be perfect for putting down sod. The city where I live is also supposed to plant a tree in my yard. I don't know why--my dad is behind this one, spending time on the phone with the city's forester. Yes, the city has a forester.

This story is from a reliable source. At my day job, the mechanics are still on strike. Their jobs have been filled with replacements and guys who crossed the picket line. This strike has lasted nearly 9 months so far and you would think that tempers would have stopped flaring by now.

According to the reliable source, a couple of weeks ago, one of the replacement workers was leaving on his motor cycle. There are picketers at the front of the building where I work and there are traffic lights. Apparently, the guy was stopped at the light, got into a verbal altercation with a striker. Verbal turned physical. Then he got back on his bike and drove away--followed by the striker on his bike. From the report, what ensued was a motorcycle chase straight out of Cops and involved another physical fight at the end of it.

So last Monday, when I come into work, there are 3 cement barriers like they use on freeways forming a box. I'm like, what's that all about. According to the reliable source, the strikers had their picketing permit pulled temporarily after the altercation, and when it was reinstated, they were confined to the "penalty box." I've only seen the guys out there once since that incident allegedly happened and no one was standing within in the boxed-in area. Who said the day job was boring? Oh, wait, that was me.

Did 7 pages yesterday. Since I cut almost everything I'd written the day before, it was good to have such a productive afternoon. I was sitting in a comfortable chair, laptop on the lap, and I kind of fell asleep. Luckily, I caught the laptop before it could slide to the floor, but it made me nervous. Yikes!