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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

When In Doubt, Raise the Body Count

I think I read that somewhere. Maybe. Anyway, it fits. I'd been hitting a lot of emotional points and not having a lot of plot stuff going on, so I critically injured a secondary character. She'll survive. I have plans for her down the road.

My head finally feels halfway normal today. I took it easy yesterday and took a lot of breaks to get up and move. After 4 days of non-stop writing, I'm not sure any longer that I want to do this full time. :-/ At least at the day job, no thinking is required. Although maybe if I were doing this full time, I'd be able to do like 6 hours a day and take the rest of the day off to do other things. Instead, since I'm using vacation from work, I'm putting in 10 hour days. Or thereabouts. And it's exhausting.

I'm hearing reports from RT and really wishing I could have gone. :-( It's such a blast! But there's no way I would have gotten as much done as I have if I were down there and I've got too much to do before the end of June.

Since I've done nothing except write for so long, I don't have much interesting to say. It was beautiful here yesterday. I opened windows up throughout my house and let the fresh air in.

Anyway, I suppose I should get back to the Twilight Zone. That's what I call the writing zone when nothing outside the story really registers for longer than a few seconds. Been there for days, and actually, it's a pretty nice place to be. :-)