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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Design Styles

I've been trying to find a picture of Ryne's bedroom this morning and I never dreamed it would be so hard! I tried HGTV's website, but nothing there really fit her, although I did find one bedroom that might kind of work. Ryne isn't neutral, but neither is her bedroom ultra-bold. This place is her haven. It has to be relaxing, not fussy, but not cold or boring either. She's not any kind of green on the walls or anything sterile. Neither is her bedroom bold red and icily modern. And she's not dark or heavy when it comes to color or furniture. It's been a bitch because nothing I've seen so far is exactly right. I wish I could find sites that had thousands of 360 degree pictures of rooms. Right now I'm doing a Google Image search and it's not fun.

I did, however, find a design quiz at HGTV that was right on the money for me. The results weren't any big surprise, although the questions were not what I expected when I took the quiz!
If it's new, it's you. No overstuffed chairs or anything that could be described as froufrou! You're drawn to clean lines and a minimalist palette (think black, white, neutrals and a few bold colors that "pop" against that background--like orange, red or turquoise). You like your patterns graphic and your buildings industrial. The older furnishings you enjoy are mid-century modern or stark Asian or African pieces without any embellishments.

According to the results, these styles fit you best: Modern, contemporary, Asian.

If y'all have seen pictures of my great room in my New House Pictures, you'll know that's exactly what I did there. Everything is a neutral. Walls are off white, countertops are gray with a pattern in it, wood is stained a light honey-gold color and then I have the accent walls. A brilliant blue that pops. I don't have the rooms pulled together yet, but I have a bright pink vase that's about 2 feet high in the corner against the blue wall. I plan to put a bright orange silk sunflower in there. I was kind of amazed how dead-on this quiz was about my style. :-)

Worked on revisions yesterday, but it was hard getting my head back into this story after being away from it for several weeks. I kept fighting the need to get up and wander. I'm hoping my brain finds it easier to settle in today.