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Thursday, June 29, 2006


The WIP is done, printed, wrapped in a Fed Ex envelope and ready to be mailed on my lunch time from the day job! Yea!

I can't believe it's done! I'm two for two on my June deadlines! Whoo hoo!!!!

Maybe now I can get some sleep. I think I've been brain dead for the past month. Maybe longer. Of course, I didn't sleep last night. I was too wound up after I packaged it up so I'm functioning right now on about 2 hours of sleep. And of course, I'm working with a new editor so I'll be sweating what she thinks of the story. Did I mention it here about this WIP ending up darker than I expected? I can worry about that too.

The question now is what do I do with myself now that the book is done? I seriously need some rest before I dive into anything else, so I'm not starting a new project right away. I suppose I could do all the house stuff I'd put off while I was writing. Oh, and I can take pictures of my new deck. I have my camera charged and ready to go.

Speaking of the deck, they did not come out yesterday to pour concrete. They're supposed to be out this morning, which works better since my construction supervisor (AKA my dad) had a lunch yesterday when the guys were supposed to pour.

Anyway, we can all hope I find coherency in the next week or so. I miss it.