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Friday, June 02, 2006

Eternal Nights and Novella Hell

First, the good stuff. I have a great review in for Eternal Nights! I do have a couple of others, but they won't be posted online until August so no links to share. This is from Serena at Fallen Angel Reviews. And EN is a recommended read! Cool! Here's my favorite parts:
Eternal Nights is an absolutely amazing read. I was completely enthralled from the beginning of this book until the end.
Now on to novella hell. Sigh.

I've been taking half days off from work, which means I should be ready to write by 11:30 or so. Yesterday, I fell asleep sitting up--again. Woke up just after 2pm. Great. Now I've wasted vacation time with absolutely nothing to show for it.

I finally start writing and I'm struggling all the way. I must have written and rewritten pages half a dozen times. The problem with the chapter continually hit at page 4/5 and I realized late last night what it is. It's boring! So then I had to figure out why it was boring and I've come to the conclusion that it's because I pick up immediately after the close of chapter one and the only thing particularly interesting in that period of time is Nic's arrival. I thought about it some more and today I'm going to try having Kimi return to her apartment before she summons Nic, because then there won't be all this logistical stuff.

If this doesn't work, I'll just bang my head against the wall until I beat some ideas into me. :-)

Anyway, Day 1 of the novella was 10 pages. Day 2 was 4.5, all of which are being scrapped, although I may cull bits and pieces out for use in the new, revised version. I'd say improved, but that's another fingers crossed issue.

I also got lit into by Nic. He said I had him acting wrong, which is entirely possible because last night was the first time he's ever bothered to talk to me. I told him if he didn't like the way I was writing him, perhaps he'd like to get his butt in here and help me. He did pass along some information, like that he's wanted Kimi since he met her and that he's fighting that and it's affecting him, so I've got my fingers crossed that means he's ready to cooperate.

And I've decided to go with Rasputin rather than Svengali. I think there's a more dangerous edge implied with Rasputin and I've decided that Kimi's smart--there's no reason why she couldn't know who this guy is. Maybe, though, I should ask the two engineering interns at work. They're about the right age.

Do I need to mention my mind was racing when I went to bed last night and I didn't sleep again for a while? I didn't think so. I don't know how I can sleep so well sitting up in a chair when I'm trying to work and so poorly at night when I'm in bed trying to sleep.