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Monday, June 12, 2006

If I Wasn't so Exhausted...

I'd happy dog dance.

I finished the first draft of the novella last night around 8:15. It was a long day. I started by fixing (I hope) the fight scene in chapter 7. It ended up crossing into chapter 8, which is a good thing, but I'm still worried that it's too short and not very suspenseful. I'm sure the end of chapter 8 needs work too. The epilogue ended up being not quite as short as I'd planned and I'm not sure about the ending there either.

I printed the whole thing out and will read through it today. I realized too, that in order for me to have the thing printed out, packaged and ready to mail on Wednesday, that I have to be done revising it by Tuesday night. Gah! That gives me TWO DAYS! And if you hear an edge of hysteria in my post, that's because there is. :-) Guess I'll be taking tomorrow off from work and putting in some monster hours on this.

It was cold enough that I needed to turn the heat on in the house yesterday. Sigh. I was trying to avoid that, but even socks and a long-sleeve shirt couldn't keep me warm enough. It's supposed to be back around 80 today. Yea! Summer is too short in MN.