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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Let's Talk About Me

Sorry, couldn't resist the country music reference and I'm not good at titling anyway, so when that popped in my head, I thought, why not? :-) I did an interview for the RBL Newsletter. I had some really interesting questions and I hope my answers were at least somewhat interesting as well.

I finished chapter 1 in the novella yesterday! Yea! I must be a masochist because I did the math and I'm 12.5% done. :-) I figured 8 chapters of 10 pages each. BTW, if my math is wrong (And there is a reason why I was a journalism major and not a math major), only correct me if I'm farther ahead than I think I am. If I've got less done... Well, ignorance is bliss.

So anyway, I wrote chapter 1 in the novella and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I'm angsting over the close of the chapter, though, and wondering if I should have ended it earlier than I did. I'll confess I like it as is, but I ended after the suspense is finished and then a reader might not keep reading since the fight is over. On the other hand, Kimi is bringing Nic in and he's the hero, so maybe the reader would want to keep going to meet him. I'm mulling, but I'm just going to keep writing. I figure it can all be fixed later if the need arises.

These were hard-fought pages, BTW, but I refused to give up until I finished the chapter. I'm hoping I can get through chapter 2 today, but while I had a vague clue what I wanted to do with chapter 1, I don't even have that much info about 2. I sat down with my notepad and made notes, and there were 4 chapters I had no ideas to write in. Those would be chapters 2-5. :-)

I think I'm rambling now. Sorry. Very tired. I keep falling asleep sitting up and I really never thought I'd ever be that tired.

Oh! BTW, help! Kimi is 20 and the bad guy tried to use mental compulsion on her. It doesn't work and she says something along the lines of: tough luck, Rasputin. But then I started thinking the reference might be esoteric even for an intelligent 20 year old. Someone suggested Svengali, and that's what I'm using for now, but I wondered if there's a popular reference that someone Kimi's age would use? Does anyone know?