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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Friday at National Part One

Okay, home from work and ready to continue on with my adventures.

I think Friday might have been the day I went to a workshop. I know that I hung outside of one room to meet up with a friend of mine, Jennifer Greene, who was a speaker. I figured if I didn't, the odds of running into her in the hotel were slim. It was particularly difficult to just bump into people here, although certainly better than Dallas or Reno.

I loitered outside the room for a while, then realized the workshop lasted 15 minutes longer than I thought it did and that I had too much time to kill. I headed off to wander around, ran into a couple of other women I know, talked to them a little while, then went back to wait. Coincidentally, my roommate was moderator for my friend's workshop so I introduced them to each other. :-)

Um, I know I did something after this, but I can't remember what. I don't think I went to lunch, but I honestly can't remember how I passed the time.

I do know that I met my agent at 2pm and we talked over my current project and what I want to do for future projects. I have to get a couple of proposals together, but I've been so busy answering email and handling other things that I haven't had time to write yet since I got home. Sigh. I'm still backed up on email.

When my agent left to meet another client, I realized that my new editor that I'd never met was finishing up a workshop and that this would be a good opportunity to say hey. I ran into another Tor author outside the room, Jenna Black, and asked her to perform introductions.

Anna was so nice! I'm glad we finally met. The first thing she said was that she was sorry she hadn't read my book yet. I'm thinking, I don't mind. I'm still half brain dead from getting the manuscript ready to turn in, I can wait a little while longer for revisions. :-) Anna also invited me to meet up with her in the bar later that night, but I couldn't find her and I would have liked to get to know her better. After all, I can't tease my editors until they realize what I'm like. ;-)

Ooh, this is when I went to the Real Women Kick Ass workshop! I couldn't remember which day that was or when, but it was right after I talked to my editor. See the post below this one if you want details about the workshop. BTW, if you're interested in writing action/adventure romance, I highly recommend getting this tape. There was lots of good info in the workshop. And I don't know the speaker so this is my own, unbiased endorsement.

When the workshop ended, I went back to the room, only to find housekeeping was parked in front of our door with their cart. I dug my watch out of my purse--now cleverly set to Eastern time--and decided I could wait a little while to get ready for my publisher dinner. I went back downstairs, I wandered around, I didn't run into anyone that I knew. I killed about 10 minutes and went back upstairs. Cart is still in front of our door. I wait some more. Finally, I can't wait any longer--I have to get ready to make dinner on time. We're supposed to meet at the back entrance and walk over to the restaurant together, and since I have zero clue where this place is, and since I'm incapable of reading a map (it's true!), I knew I couldn't be late.

I had to go around the long way to sneak past the cart. I go in the room and the maid has done nothing in there. Not one thing. I rush around getting ready and that's when she finally comes in. She wasn't real happy to have me there, but whatever.

Given the incredible amount of sweating I did the day before in my melon blazer, I decided to forego wearing the turquoise one even though that meant I wasn't very dressy. Did I mention how HOT it was in Atlanta? With map in hand (and meeting instructions), I set off to wait for our group. I walked around the lobby twice and couldn't find any back entrance, but luckily one of the bellmen asked me if I needed help and directed me to the motor lobby and the back entrance. I was worried I was in the wrong place, but then two more Lollies showed up--Charlotte Maclay and Gerri Russell. Gerri was the American Title winner this year and her book will be out Jan 2007, BTW.

So the three of us are waiting and talking and no one else is showing up. No other authors, no editors who were supposed to lead us to the restaurant. We talked some more and then it was after 5:30 and we were supposed to meet at 5:15. Fortunately, Gerri knew the way to Trader Vic's and we followed her across the street to the Hilton and downstairs. We figured everyone else would already be there--at least I did--but they weren't. We were nearly the first arrivals.

I had a mai tai. :-) Those who know me well, know that I seldom drink, but it was hot and I was thirsty and I like mai tais. Finally, our fearless editors arrived, Lollies in tow. :-) The noise level went up considerably and so did the temperature in Trader Vic's. I felt sweat running down the side of my face, and when I reached to touch my nape, the back of my hair was sodden. Gah! I can't remember a time where I sweated like that just standing and talking.

The rest of Friday to follow.

BTW, is it just me or is everyone having trouble with Blogger spell check?