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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just Call Me Swami Pattichip

It's raining.

I predicted this with more accuracy than the weather people. You see, my dad got back from Chicago yesterday and resumed sod watering duty. It didn't rain even once while he was gone and I never wanted rain more than I wanted it then. Just one day off from tromping through wet grass hauling hoses and sprinklers. But no. The storms went north. The storms went south. The storms disintegrated before they reached the Twin Cities. But I knew it would rain now and it is. Sigh.

After oversleeping yesterday, I never felt awake all day. How weird is that since, in essence, I had an extra hour and a half of uninterrupted sleep? So I went to bed early last night. Creed and Maia came in again and blah, blah, blah.

Okay, so I shouldn't complain. I need them to talk to me since I have to start writing their book pretty darn soon. But I was trying to sleep! :-) Creed, BTW, is using Ryne as bait without her knowing about it which really pisses Maia off once she figures it out. Ryne is her little sister even if she is a troubleshooter.

So couldn't fall asleep right away and then I wake up before 3am. Grrr! I don't know if that's because my body is so used to such a small amount of sleep that it just automatically woke up or if I was subconsciously concerned about oversleeping again. Then the storms rolled through.

Oh, BTW, y'all be thrilled to know that my dad gave me the stamp of approval on my watering efforts. He officially told me I did a good job, which I think might have shocked him because he knows I have a patience problem and that I'm indifferent at best to the outside of the house. :-) He, of course, did an inspection within a few hours of arriving home and he hand watered the edges of the yard because the sprinklers just don't get them good enough. :-)

This should be about the end of the lawn watering stories now that it's not my responsibility any longer. Just so you know it should be pretty safe after today. What can I say? Keeping that sod alive was my life for five days.