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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Space Patrol

I didn't think I was on space patrol yesterday, but apparently I was because I totally forgot about the mail. Forgot, heck, mail didn't even exist in my world. Until about 10:15 last night. Then I went, oops! We've had a few issues with mail being stolen out of mailboxes in my city, so I hunted up a flashlight and traipsed outside to get it. Usually, Saturday is a very light mail day and I was surprised that I had to keep pulling things out of the box, including a very large, padded envelope. Hmm, I wondered as I walked back to the house, I don't remember ordering anything. Maybe it's an award certificate--I know I have at least one more of those coming.

So I get inside, ditch the flashlight and my shoes and start sorting through the mail. The big envelope is from Tor. Then I remembered. Anna, my thoughtful and sweet editor, had emailed to say she was sending the catalog with my book in it!

It looks beautiful! First of all, it seems as if my title is going to remain IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR. Second, I now know my ISBN numbers. And third, I know when my book is coming out. Watch for it August 2007. Whoo hooo!

I know I'm posting way late today, but then I slept way late. :-) Kind of. I was up the first time around 6:30, stayed up for an hour, then went back to bed and slept until 11. I feel so much better now, but half the day appears to be wasted because I'm just getting around to blogging, haven't had a shower yet and I have a lot of work to do today.

Still no rain in sight, so I was out hauling hoses again last night. I started earlier with the intention of finishing earlier, but that's not how it worked out. Since I had extra time, I decided to water the part that had been seeded, but not sodded. That's the very back of my yard. Big mistake.

This is another piece of evidence I was on space patrol. The dirt was dry, bone dry, and I figured the grass seed could use a light sprinkle. I wasn't going to give it the amount of water I'd been giving the sod, just a little bit. I completely didn't think about my having to walk back over the now muddy ground to retrieve the sprinkler. Gah!

I think I did more damage to parts of the yard than the lack of water would have caused. It was last night, while I was in bed, that I figured out how I should have set up the sprinkler. If I'd set it on the edge of the sod, it would have shot over into the seeded section and I wouldn't have had to walk in the mud. Next time, I'll know.

My moccasins, BTW, are completely ruined. :-( I've had the darn things forever, but I totally love them. They're easy to slip on and off and great for quick trips to the mailbox or the store or wherever. Not any longer. They've been absolutely soaked three days in a row. I don't think they're dried out yet. Now I'll have to buy another pair, but you know they won't be as great as this pair for a long time to come. These are worn in and mine. :-(

I ended up working on the proposal yesterday, but I think I'm switching to my novella revisions today. I'm not sure about where I want to go next in the proposal pages and this will give me time to think. I did try to do some mulling about this last night, but Creed and Maia were talking. I'm not complaining about that, believe me! That's the next book I have due and I was getting a little panicky about not having much to go on for them. All I have to say is thank you Kansas! (The rock group.) It was hearing their song Carry On My Wayward Son in the car one day that got me thinking and one thought led to another until I have a big plot idea that not only should carry this book, but if I wanted, it could carry a lot more. Yea! Now to work out the details. :-/