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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Send in the Clones

I added code to bring in my most recently saved sites at the bottom of the right hand column. I tried to do this once before, but it didn't work right and I had to scrap it, but this time it did. is a social bookmark site where you tag web pages. That means your bookmarks are available online, which is handy when you're away from your computer, but need one. And it also gives you the option to search through other people's tags. I found some cool sites that way. My 15 most recent are largely reference sites right now.

It's kind of funny how many people are obsessed with the Minnesota Twins right now. (Baseball) That includes me, of course. One of my tech writers stopped by my cube to drop something off and shared a website that had updated game info on it. So I pulled it up after he left, checked what was going on and headed down to 3rd floor to drop something off. That guy had the game summary up on his computer, so I was able to check in before I went upstairs to 5th floor to drop off more stuff. And was updated on the game there too. :-) Unfortunately, the Twins lost 1-0 and our fab rookie pitcher is out for the season. :-(

I seriously need to clone myself. Sigh. I have too much writing to do to waste time at the day job. Three clones, is that too much to ask? One can go to NWA, the second can work on the futuristic proposal and the third can work on the RS proposal while I write the next book. Oh, wait, maybe I need four clones. One to handle email and other personal assistant chores. I always seem to get backed up on email.

I did start the next book I have due yesterday. It was more of an exploratory foray than a commitment to this particular scene as the opening, but I learn so much by writing--both about my characters and about their story--that it's always a worth the time spent. It proved to be interesting yesterday too because I learned some stuff about Creed and his situation that I hadn't known before. And it got my brain thinking, working, wondering. Always a good thing.

But now I'm torn. I seriously need to finish two proposals before I immerse myself in Creed's book, but on the other hand, I really don't have time to work on both of them, let alone finish them. I won't even mention all the things I need to take care of outside of writing. Yep, all I need are five clones. ;-)