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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Phones and Technology

I have to take my parents to the airport this morning, which means I needed to get up early. My alarm was set for 3:30. I didn't hear it. Not until just before 4am--the time I get up normally. Now I'm going to be rushed today and there was no time to just lie in bed and acclimate myself to the morning.

Last night, I checked phone messages and was utterly amazed. Someone had gotten my voice mail and left a message. It was a wrong number or at least the person he wanted was no longer at this phone number. Maybe she was the one who had it before me? Anyway, he apparently wanted to order something from "Laura." He gave me his name, his credit card number, the three numbers on the back of the credit card, and his expiration date. This man has no idea how lucky he is that I'm an honest person.

And on the phone front, some chick is giving people the wrong cell phone number. I never use my cell--it's primarily for emergencies and to call people I'm supposed to find at conferences ;-)--so I figured those 9 voice mail messages were wrong numbers. I was right. It wasn't just one person calling the wrong number, it was like four or five different voices, and since one of them was this woman's kid, I'm guessing she's giving people the wrong number by mistake. But man, it's irritating to wade through messages for someone else and it's not like voice mail lets you delete them before you listen to the whole thing. I've settled for speeding them up. Judging from the messages I've heard, I'm glad I don't have this chick's life.

Last night, I needed to do more research and it involved image intensive sites. I seriously need to get high speed internet. It was such a huge waste of time waiting and waiting for these pages to pull up.

Gotta run.