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Monday, October 23, 2006

Top 100 and Stuff

Over on the ReBeL board, they did a poll of their readers' Top 100 Paranormal Romances. It was a huge (or should I say hugh?) thrill to see my name on there twice. Both Ravyn's Flight and Through a Crimson Veil made the list. Whoo hoo!!!! When I see the names up there with me, I'm amazed to be among them.

I watched baseball last night. I know, that's not a shock. I went to bed, though, before the end of the game. I tried to hang in there, but at 10pm, I had to go to sleep. The Tigers were up 3-0, but when I got up this morning, I wanted to see a score. All ESPN was showing was football and more football. Come on, guys, this is the WORLD SERIES. I finally did find out on CNN HN that Detroit won 3-1.

One of the more interesting moments of last night's game was when they accused Kenny Rogers (Detroit pitcher, not country western singer) of having a foreign substance on the heel of his hand and made him wash it off. It did look like pine tar, but if someone is going to cheat, they'd sure pick a better place to hide the stuff than right there on his hand where anyone could see it. And it didn't matter anyway--even after it was gone, no one on the Cardinals could hit Rogers. I think he gave up like 2 hits in 8 innings.

Five more games to go until a long, long stretch without ball. :-(

I have to wrap this up on that note. It's 4:56 and I have to logoff to get ready for work. I'm sure whatever I would have written next would have been brilliant and fascinating, but we'll never know because of the EDJ. :-)