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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Embarrassing Moments in Curtain Rods

I arrived home from work yesterday afternoon a few minutes before 3pm and the guy who was supposed to install my curtain rods was already there. So were my parents who were bringing boxes off my front stoop into the house. The installer was sitting in his van, not noticing that my parents were there or what they were up to. Gee, good thing they weren't curtain rod thieves ready to make off with my decorative rods. =8-O

He starts by unpacking all the rods and decided to put up the three decorative ones in the bedrooms/office first. The little decorative ends resembled cannon balls, I kid you not. They didn't look quite this huge in the catalog the designer lady had shown me. TBH, I hadn't much cared for the style in the catalog, but these were one of the few that had a small enough pole to accommodate my already purchased curtains. Cannon balls aside, they looked better in person. They're still not my style, but they're okay and they're installed.

This isn't the embarrassing part yet. My dad is supposed to install the shower curtain rod in my guest bath, he says to me--I'm going to ask this guy if he'll do it. I was like, Dad! This isn't what he's here to do. Don't ask. Well, why not? my dad asks. I wanted to thud my head against the wall, but I refrained.

A little while later, my mom says, Dad's going to ask the guy if he'll install the shower rod. No! I whisper as emphatically as I dare. Mom's like, why not? We'll pay him. Argh!

Needless to say, I might as well have saved my breath. My dad starts talking to the guy about the shower rod. I'm looking for a way to disappear, but unfortunately, the builder didn't put any convenient trap doors in for me.

I figured that was it. My dad had hinted around, the guy wasn't interested and that was that. Oh, how naive I can be. At about 6:10, as the guy is finishing up the kitchen curtains, Dad walks out with the shower rod.

I couldn't even believe it.

After the installer left, my dad's like, gee, he didn't seem interested. I could only shake my head. It was nearly 6:30 on Halloween when the guy finished what he was there to do, of course he didn't want to hang around and do more work. Geez!

The embarrassment of last night will stay for a while, but thankfully, I will never see the installer again.

Other than that, things went well, everything is up, and it makes the house look more finished. However, I need to find pinch pleated curtains for the patio door. It opens all the way to the right and it's 75 inches wide--I think--so I need something about 100 inches wide and 84 long, right? I haven't found anything online yet that meets my parameters.

Sorry about posting so late today. I ran out of time this morning and they've kept me busy at work today.