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Monday, November 20, 2006

I Don't Like Mondays

I have to be brief this morning because I'm really running late. It's all Joely's fault. She posted a great de-motivational poster on her blog and I had to go over and read what else was available from this place. This poster is so darn perfect for writing. Too bad it doesn't go a little farther and talk about what happens after our hearts have been cut from our bodies, but then I think these are geared for business, not for authors. :-)

Yesterday was a pretty decent day. I got a lot of writing done and a lot of cleaning. That basically means that while the writing didn't come easily, at least something came out on the page. Hopefully, today will go well too.

I'm running a contest right now for people on my newsletter list as of Saturday. It's a simple contest. To enter, all the subscriber has to do is tell me which one of my characters is their favorite and a sentence or two why. I know there are some people on there who are from a sweepstakes site back a couple of books ago and I thought they could at least figure out how to cheat on this contest. All they have to do is go to my website, pick an excerpt and read far enough to get a character's name and some reason why they might like them. Less than five minutes worth of work. I've already had a couple who haven't bothered to put in that much effort. It's a sad world when people can't even bother to spend the time to fake it convincingly.