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Saturday, November 11, 2006

It's Saturday, Hurrah!

I almost forgot to post here this morning because I thought I already had. My mind becomes more and more like a sieve with each deadline. :-(

Just a reminder, the Super-Deluxe Crimson City Action Pack Contest continues. For information on the prizes and how to enter, visit My Website.

Today is going to be a busy one. I want to go to my chapter meeting (writing) because I didn't make it the previous couple of times. I meant to go last month, but I ran late and didn't feel like rushing since I do that every day of the week. But today we're electing new officers for 2007 and I probably won't be able to make a meeting after this until after the WIP is finished and turned in.

I also have to go out to the lighting store where I bought the bathroom fixture and pick out a new one. I had a little problem with the glass sheaths around the bulbs falling out and shattering. The manager said he could send someone out to fix it or I could pick out a new one. I opted to go with the new one, because even with the light fixture repaired, I'd always be wondering if this was the day they were going to fall out again. Plus, every time I changed a bulb, I'd have to reinstall the sheaths, which pretty much guarantees they'd fall eventually. Better to go with a new light, one I can trust won't be a hazard.

The patio panel I ordered for my window arrived yesterday. It's thermal so it'll keep out some of the cold over the winter. I want to get the pins in there and hang that today too so that my windows will be basically done--at least until summer when I'll want a sheer patio panel. :-) I also want to iron and put up the scarf valance in my bedroom so I can move the bed back against the wall. I've had it out for months waiting for the blinds to be installed, then the curtain rods. Now I have to find instructions somewhere on how to drape the valance. This isn't an area I have much talent in.

I better get going or I'll find myself running late for the meeting again. Where does the morning go?