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Monday, November 13, 2006

Three Adults, One Scarf Valance

My parents came over again yesterday to help me hang the scarf valance in my bedroom. I actually wanted to wrap two of them--one raspberry and one orange, each 216 inches long--around the pole to add a little more color to the bedroom, although there are no doubt people who believe I already have too much color. :-) Anyway, it didn't seem like that difficult a proposition. They do it on HGTV shows all the time and it looks simple to do and very cool.

We started by putting the two valances back to back. My mom and I tried winding them together before hanging them up, but that didn't work very well, so we undid that. My dad had ladder duty and he wasn't following instructions on the wrapping around the pole so I got up there and did the end. Not great, but it didn't look too bad.

It went downhill from here.

Wrapping around that pole was hard, especially when I wanted the fabric to swoosh in front, but only so far down. I made it to the middle portion and around the center support before it started looking really, really, really bad.

Okay, pull everything we did and start over.

This time, I thought, why don't I start at the middle and work my way to the two ends? 432" of slippery fabric didn't want to cooperate. My dad's trying to hold the fabric on the pole so it doesn't slide off, I'm trying to keep my balance while standing on my bed, and my mom is offering suggestions from the floor.

What if we did one valance at a time instead of working with both of them? That didn't work any better. After fighting with all this fabric for nearly an hour, we conceded defeat, folded the valances up, and I put them in the linen closet. Clearly, I won't be trying out for HGTV's next Design Star competition. :-) So we moved my bed back against the wall where it should be and called it a day. Foiled by two pieces of fabric. Sigh.

At least the writing went better yesterday.

Yahoo Groups is driving me mad this weekend. I've had all kinds of notes not show up. I know I'm missing a digest from one of my groups because I have the one before it and the one after it. I could be missing from other groups as well. Either that, or they are very, very quiet. I'm doing an online workshop right now, and I had to go to the group home to get one of the lectures that never showed up. I checked and I'm not bouncing according to Yahoo Groups. I also checked my spam folder and nothing was there that wasn't really spam. I'm hoping all these missing emails show up.