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Friday, December 22, 2006

Drive-By Posting

I have to post really fast this morning because we had snow and rain yesterday. It was mostly sloppy going home Thursday, although there were some slippery spots, but now it's had time to freeze overnight and the drive in should be ever so much fun. I hope those people who wanted a white Christmas are happy now since I've already had one awful commute and it looks like I'm going to have two more--it's supposed to snow and rain again today. Gah! To think positively, at least it wasn't as bad as Colorado.

Both Amazon and show Shards of Crimson in and shipping in 2-3 days. This is not only two weeks early (as usual), but during the holiday rush where people don't have time to think about books. I also have nightmares of trucks loaded with copies of the anthology trapped in Colorado and the whole west coast not getting the book in. Yes, writers are neurotic and we have active imaginations.

And I have to go now because I need to leave the house way early. Grumble.