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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First Person: It's All About Me

I saw pictures of Oklahoma, I believe, and this town that was just coated in ice. It was incredible and these people aren't going to have power for a while, not with all the trees down on the power lines. I'll definitely take the fluffy white stuff we got over freezing rain. Nothing is worse than freezing rain.

On one of my published author loops, they've been talking about receiving their RITA books. Since Friday. Of course, I still don't have mine yet and I could use all the time possible to squeeze in reading them. It sounds like everyone is getting 7 books. Gah! Seven. That is a hell of a lot of reading to do. I'm hoping I've got a lot of short entries. :-)

And one of the readers' boards I visit is discussing a book written in first person point of view (I really should add a glossary to the blog so I can just abbreviate to my heart's content) and the question came up about what kind of POVs they like. Now there's an idea about discussing why so many people don't like First Person.

You can add me to that camp. I've been known to turn the car around and go back to the bookstore to return books I accidentally bought that were written in first person. I don't mind it in mysteries, but just loathe it in romance. Of course, there are exceptions. I have enjoyed a few romances written in first, but generally I don't like it. I've tried to analyze why and I think part of the reason is that I want to be in both the hero's and the heroine's heads. Except I don't like first person even when it's done with alternating third person or alternating with the other's first person POV. Again, there are exceptions that I've read and enjoyed.

The other reason is first person seems so egocentric. Me. I. Mine. I've read first person where I was so sick of seeing the word I that I started to roll my eyes whenever I read it. Instead of bringing me deeper into the story, it's actually distancing me because of the world revolves around me thing.

Like I said, there are exceptions to this that sit on my keeper shelf. Most notably, my favorite werewolf book, Wolf In Waiting by Rebecca Flanders. WIW was told in alternating first person POV between the hero and heroine and it works beautifully and it was my favorite of the three book series.

And I have to run. Yikes!