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Friday, January 05, 2007

POV Difficulties

I finished all my GH entries now and sent the scores in. Actually, the RWA (Romance Writers of America) website lets you do the scores online now which was way cool. The new design makes it difficult to find anything, but it does have it's pluses like inputting scores online and paying for Bookscan right on the site.

Of course, with that off my plate, RWA sent me an email yesterday telling me my Rita books were on the way. Gah! I was really hoping they wouldn't need to use me as a judge. No such luck, I guess. Now I just have to hope that I have a small number of entries. The last time I was used, I had to read 9 thick books. Once upon a time, back before I committed myself to writing, I used to read a book a day. Those days are long gone and I'll be pushing to get everything in on time.

Speaking of on time, I was hoping to do one of my edits yesterday and just leave the two scenes I want to change for the weekend. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. I have a semi-difficult edit (To make the hero more disoriented) and POV issues that were going to make it a problem to do this. I read through the three scenes I thought would be possible to include some of this, and sure enough, nothing jumped out at me as being an obvious spot to add any of this. That meant I needed to read through a second time, and this go-round, I looked for less noticeable places to slide stuff in. I have a list of potentials now, and I'll work on that today. I also woke up this morning with another scene that has potential to add some stuff. In fact, it might be the better option in Deke's POV.

Anyway, Deke is used to thinking on his feet to situations where he might not necessarily know what's going on--at least not totally. After all, he was a cop and he ran into stuff like that all the time. He's also really good at concealing any kind of weakness, and feeling confused and disoriented would definitely fall into that category for him. He'd never make himself vulnerable like that to a stranger and he just met the heroine. Since two of the three scenes where I could add this stuff are in her POV, it makes it damn hard. By the time I'm in his head, he's out to rile Ryne up and he's not really thinking about his circumstances. See where my problem is?

Anyway, I think the scene that came to me this morning as a possibility will work better than the one where he's pushing Ryne since Deke's mood/tone is all wrong for disorientation/fear or whatever.