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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Too Much Excitement

I always complain about how boring things are and that nothing exciting ever happens. Then, if something does, I usually comment about how boring isn't a bad thing. Well, here we go, boring isn't a bad thing. I'll start from my beginning.

Yesterday morning, I left for work around 5:30am like I do every day. As I'm pulling out of the driveway, I see this one tire track cutting through the snow between my driveway and the street. I'm like, huh, someone must have used my driveway to turn around and misjudged when to turn their steering wheel. When I arrived home from work, I took a closer look and was relieved to see there'd been enough snow piled up there to protect my sod. Hey, that stuff isn't cheap and I did endlessly haul hoses around last summer--I feel emotionally invested in this lawn.

It wasn't until later that I found out that my neighbor across the street and three houses down had things stolen out of her car. Then, if that weren't enough, I find out the neighbor across the street and one house down had his SUV stolen out of his driveway. =8-O

This neighbor said they think it happened between midnight and six in the morning, but I think the window was probably smaller than that. I was in my kitchen by 4:15, probably a little earlier than that, and the windows over my sink face their driveway. I would have seen any lights there and it was totally dark. The other reason I think it happened earlier was that tire track in my yard. I think it was the thieves. It makes sense. They needed to turn the vehicle around, I have a little jut-out in my driveway so that I can turn my SUV around. So I bet they pulled in, turned around, and in their rush to getaway with grand theft auto, they took the turn too tight.

This is incredible. My neighborhood is quiet. The last time we had the police here was like four years ago when the kid across the street had a huge party and it took six squad cars to break it up. Nothing happens here and that's the way I like it. Of course, I immediately flashed back to the night I forgot to shut my garage door last fall. I've been kind of paranoid since then, double checking it every night before I go to bed. Last night, I checked it a few times.

This didn't stop me from sleeping last night, and sleeping hard. :-) I'm too exhausted right now to stay up worrying about it. Besides, I figure rifling through vehicles in people's driveways--even stealing a car out of a driveway--is a big step below breaking into someone's house. And if I'm wrong, please don't tell me! I'm happier believing this.

Things can go back to boring any time now. I'd far prefer it.