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Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter Lament

It snowed last night. It's still snowing. The winds are supposed to be in the 20-30 mph range. I hate Minnesota.

I think I'll leave it here, although I could go on much longer. I keep trying to tell myself to cheer up, that at least it isn't freezing rain. It's not working. With freezing rain, I'd just take vacation days from work until the roads were clear. With 5 inches of snow, I have to drive to the EDJ.

I saw who won the playoff games this weekend and I have to say, your odds were better if I didn't like your team. :-/ The AFC match up is between two teams that I hate, so it'll be a lesser of two evils thing, and out of the NFC, one team I wanted to see win actually did. New Orleans--and they almost didn't win from what I heard on the recap. Anyway, my relatives in Chicago will be appalled that I was rooting against their beloved Bears, but I was. :-) Instead of giving me grief about that, they should probably thank me.

Anyway, if you discount the snow, it was a pretty nice weekend. My chapter meeting was a lot of fun and I received my Rising Star Award. My hero finally revealed valuable background information about himself, something he had been keeping secret from me. I saw a cable modem in the paper and it listed my ISP as one of the valid activation partners to get the rebates! That was part of what had me dragging my feet, I didn't want to change email addresses, but I didn't think it would be one of the places I could activate at the store. It was nice to find out I was wrong. Of course, I still have to get myself to the store, get the modem, manage to hook it up myself--which I can probably do if the instructions are halfway decent--and hope my computer doesn't move so slowly, it goes backward in time. I really need a new desktop unit.

I have to get going early today. Extra drive time in and all that. Sigh.