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Monday, February 19, 2007

How Many Clones Does It Take....

It was one of those crazy weekends where every time I turned around, I had another email, message or comment I needed to answer. That's not a complaint. I love getting notes that say: I love your books! Or: Thanks for friending me, I'm going to try your books. But I seriously needed to write without distraction this weekend. I finally ended up just ignoring everything until Sunday evening. I like to be timely, but I have characters who need to torture me some more. :-) It took like an hour and a half, but I finally answered all the email about my books and I got caught up on MySpace. I think. I still have friends' emails to answer, but they're used to my slow responses. :-/

It was a busy weekend in other respects too. I had to make a decision on moving my newsletter from Yahoo Groups. (Yes, I'm moving it.) And I had to decide where to move it to. (Did that too.) I'm guessing Yahoo doesn't have a handy feature where I can transfer my list in one easy click and now I'm sorry I went with them originally.

I also looked at the countdown clock on my MySpace page and realized there's only a little over 5 months until In the Midnight Hour is released. Gah! That means I have to make time to send some more emails about what I want to do/plan to do about promotion. You know, sometimes I enjoy promotion, but sometimes I just wish that all I had to do was write. I had no clue--none--how much time promotion takes from my schedule. Most of the published authors I knew before I sold were category authors who didn't do anything for promo. In fact, none of them even had websites until recently. It left me completely unprepared for the time it takes to do bookmarks or the website or mail out copies of a book for review.

Anyway, if I could clone myself, I'd like to add a clone that did nothing but promote my (our?) books. :-) How many clones am I up to now?

Despite the craziness, I did get a good amount of writing done. Sometimes I wonder how I manage to find time to write in between the other stuff. Heck, sometimes I wonder how any author manages to write in between the other stuff.