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Sunday, February 25, 2007

In the Midnight Hour

Bonus post this morning!

In the Midnight Hour is up for preorder at now! This is really early--I didn't expect to see it for another 2 or 3 weeks. You know, this is my fifth book (sixth if you count the Crimson anthology) and I'm almost as excited about this one as I was with my first book. Maybe because ITMH was a story I was absolutely compelled to tell and I consider it the second book of my heart.

In other news, we received about 10-11 inches of snow so far according to The Weather Channel. It's difficult to tell from my window because it was so fiercely windy all day yesterday, that the snow blew around and it's drifted. In some areas I can see almost bare grass, in others, it looks as if it's up to my hips. My neighbor was out snowblowing his driveway before 8am this morning. Good thing I was up already! Snowblowers can be loud.

These pictures are of my backyard as taken from either my patio doors or my bedroom.

This is Saturday evening around 5pm or so.

This shot is about the same time on Saturday night, but taken from my bedroom window.

All these pictures are from Sunday morning. I don't know if you can see how the snow drifted in front of the evergreens or not, but it's really piled up back there.

It even drifted on the deck. It's not very deep here because the wind kept blowing it to the ground, but I thought the small drift was indicative of the larger drifting that went on.

We're not through yet! They're saying another 2-4 inches today with another inch overnight. I hope they're wrong; we've got more than enough!