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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm supposed to get my hair cut this morning. I think. I remember making an appointment and getting a card with the date and time on it from my stylist. I also remember throwing it in my purse. Sometime last month, I thought, you know, I should really mark this on my calendar so I don't forget. But when I dug in my purse, I found a handful of cards from my stylist with appointments written on them. I was able to throw away the one that had a date from the fall, but I'm not sure the one for March 17th is the right one. I probably should have called and confirmed, right? Only I've been so busy this week, that I never even thought of it until this morning and it's too late now. If I'm wrong, I can just turn around and go home again, so not too big a deal.

Of course, I'm behind again. I'd hoped to be showered by now, but I just finished coffee. It's that time travel thing. I can't figure out where the last hour has gone, but then what else is new? This is like the story of my life.

I realized yesterday at work that I'd made an incorrect correction on my galleys, and of course, they were all packaged up at home, ready for my dad to pick up and bring to the post office. I didn't want to waste time opening it, correcting it, resealing it and then having to run back to the PO--all after work on a Friday afternoon, so I emailed the info. It was a quote from a review and I had the attribution wrong. So many of these sites have similar names and I got confused.

I finished the project I was working on at the EDJ--at least until my maintenance specialist comes in and looks at it on Monday. I figure I'll be tweaking stuff for him, but the big lifting is done. Metaphorically speaking.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!