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Friday, March 02, 2007

Sometimes the Weather is the News

I really, really try not to talk about the weather here because I know not everyone is from Minnesota and finds it as fascinating as we do, but sometimes, the weather is the news. It started snowing here Wednesday evening. It's still snowing. I have no idea of exact totals, but there's a lot. It's probably knee deep on my deck, although I hardly consider that an accurate measure of snowfall.

The commute home yesterday was slow, visibility was lousy, and in most places, it was impossible to know where the lane was, so I just lined myself up on the car in front of me. It wasn't the worst drive home that I've ever had, but the top speed most of the way was about 25 mph. It was a long drive.

This morning, the question is how bad are the roads? Because of the early hour, there are no traffic reports available, so I won't really know until the wheels hit the asphalt--or maybe I should say till the wheels hit the snow pack. :-) If it's too horrible, I'll turn around and return home. I'm going to try to leave the house at 5am, which will give me an hour to make it in to work.

In non-weather news, I'm still reading through my galley. I still have a gazillion emails to send and haven't done even one of them. I hate to set aside a whole afternoon/evening to do email, but I might have to since I'm not sure how else I'm going to manage it and I can see the big clock ticking in my head since there's a time frame for some of this stuff.

Anyway, after this scintillating post, I need to get moving. The only huge bright spot with the weather is that I don't work with passengers. I'm sure the gate agents are just having more fun than is humanly possible dealing with all the flight cancellations.