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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Too Much, Too Little

No movie review again this week. It was after 8pm before I was ready to sit down and watch and because the movie was so long, I opted not to start it that late.

Once, not all that long ago, I used to be so organized. I'd have my Christmas shopping done before Halloween, I was 10 minutes early for everything, and everything was put away where it was supposed to be.

Now, well, that's mostly gone by the wayside. I live my life perpetually running late and racing to arrive on time. I'm lucky now to have my Christmas shopping done by Christmas (and sometimes I don't!), and my office and spare bedroom are still only partially unpacked from my move. This last one is absolutely driving me insane. I can't find anything when I need it and I hate wasting time doing a search.

The reason I wax nostalgic is because I was running late for my hair appointment yesterday morning. (And I did have one.) And I was remembering the old days, when I used to have to sit in the waiting area and read a magazine because I was so early. That rarely happens any longer.

I had some highlights put in yesterday. My hair has been so blah from months of winter that I said okay when my stylist suggested it. I almost choked, though, when the total for a haircut and some blond streaks was $100. Gah! Guess I won't be getting streaks just for the heck of it again. From now on, there'll have to be an event for me to shell out that kind of money. I thought maybe $80, which is still a lot of money, but yikes!

The POS laptop has been home instead of locked in a filing cabinet at the office because it needs some major TLC. I pretty much need to wipe the drive and reload everything, but I can't find all my disks. (see previous paragraph about office only being partially unpacked) I did stumble over the rescue disk for that computer, but it won't boot itself automatically, and when I opened the drive in Windows Explorer, I couldn't find a run command. I'd like to get this done before I go to work tomorrow because I can't really use the POS laptop as it is right now. I don't know how I'm going to manage this.

And I saw some preseason baseball this weekend! Yea! Unfortunately, my beloved Chicago Cubs lost both games despite all the money they spent in the off season. :-( I hope that they do better once the season actually starts or it'll be a long year.