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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

An Uh-Oh Moment

So I had one of those uh-oh moments last night. I had all the lights off and was getting ready for bed when I realized I hadn't checked to make sure the front door was locked. I thought, well, why bother? I never forget to lock it. But on the heels of that came the thought that it would only take a minute, so I might as well just do it and I'll sleep better.

Guess what? Yep, the door was unlocked. When I'd come back from my parents' house, my hands had been full, and between that and kicking off my shoes, it must have just slipped my mind. Yikes!

I live in a safe neighborhood, but a few months ago, one neighbor had their car broken into and the thieves used the garage door opener to help themselves to stuff there. And the neighbor two houses down had their SUV stolen by the same thieves. The car was recovered the next day, but with damage. So if I'd slept with the door open, I would have been totally freaked out this morning. Luckily, I found it in time and I was only partially freaked out. :-)

I've also been watching QVC this morning while I had coffee. I know, it's dangerous, but they had the exotic plant people on and I love that stuff. Anyway, they happened to show two different types of lilies that are hardy to -30, so I could leave them in the ground over winter even in MN! Hurrah! I ordered both of them and they'll ship in May. I tell you, my need to garden and plant flowers is like the most bizarre thing ever. Trust me on this one. I'm a certified plant assassin and yet I'm buying them like crazy.

Right now, I'm watching an eye makeup kit and trying to convince myself that I really don't need to spend the money on it. Okay, I really don't need it, but boy, it should would be nice. Help me before I shop again!