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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


So from my window it looks more like the beginning of December than the beginning of April. I am totally not happy and it's supposed to snow all day. At least I don't have to leave the house.

And part two of my frustration is the WIP. Sigh. My characters decided to go to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and since I haven't been there in years, I hopped online to research. How long could it take to find out some basic information about the museum and some pictures of the interior of the building?

It turned out it took many, many hours. The MIA website was quite helpful about laying out their hours and there were pictures of their art including the Egypt collection which is what I needed. There weren't many pictures of the interior of the building.

I used Flickr, I used Google Images, I used some other picture site that I can't even remember the name of and I was getting more and more short-tempered. I can't imagine trying to do this on dial up--it took forever with high speed. At one point yesterday afternoon, I growled, "It would be faster to grab my damn camera and drive down to the museum myself." Which is probably what I should have done.

Then I go to bed last night and the scene I get has my h/h in a park. Sigh. I have no clue if there's a park near the museum. I get up and get back online. I know, but if I had to waste hours today researching this, I'd be crabby as heck. As luck would have it, there happens to be a park right across the street from the MIA. Now I need a good look at it so I know for sure there are benches. I go to Google, but Google Earth is now a download. I swear I remember looking at it online at work without downloading anything.

I ended up on Flickr again searching for the name of the park. I didn't find many pictures, but the few I did locate showed the place was perfect. I went to bed and now I'm ready to tackle the WIP again.