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Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Holt Medallion

I received a phone call yesterday at work. I answered thinking it was probably my dad. Once he's on a streak, he'll call about the most mundane things. It wasn't him, though. It was the lovely coordinator of the HOLT Medallion calling to tell me that Eternal Nights finaled for Best Paranormal Romance!! Since I was at work, I couldn't snoopy dance and one of the engineers on the other side of the wall was on a conference call so I couldn't whoop either, but I was hugely excited. :-) A mental happy dog dance is just as good as the real thing and less embarrassing when others are around. ;-)

This was by far the highlight of my day and tops second place by a mile. Maybe ten miles. :-) When I got home, my spinner was there! Okay, you're going what spinner is this? I bought it for my deck. It's 3D and has some cool optical effects going on. If it ever warms up (and I'm beginning to wonder because I've worn my scarf more in APRIL than I did in January), I'm going to hang on the corner of my house so I can watch it turn from either the deck or my great room. I picked one up with hummingbirds for my mom's Mother's Day gift. She's very hard to buy for, so who knows if she'll like it or not? Certainly not me. But I thought since she likes birds, maybe she'd like it. Anyway, it's too cold to go out on my deck to hang it, darn it, but I want to see it twirling in the sun.

I'm off from the EDJ for the next week. Wish me luck on huge page production because I need it! This fight scene is just kicking my ass--which is what Creed should be doing to the monster, not to me, damn it.