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Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Visit

My dad was out of town all day and we didn't want my mom alone for the more than 12 hours he'd be away. She came over yesterday afternoon. She knew I had to keep working on the book, but she didn't bring anything to do with her. I offered books for her to read, but she didn't feel like reading. She said I should put her to work and I'm looking at her, thinking there's no way in hell you're moving boxes around. I offered a few other things, and she finally decided she'd play Mah Jong on my desktop computer while I worked on the laptop.

I had to explain how to play Mah Jong, but it worked semi-well for a while--even if she never did quite get which tiles were free. Sigh. But after two games she was bored and wanted to go out on the internet. I'm like, what do you want to see? She, of course, has no clue. Finally, she decided to look at my website.

Um, not to make fun of my mom and her lack of computer knowledge, but she didn't know how to scroll down and she didn't realize the words across the top were links to other pages. Once I explained that, she started exploring--and somehow, ended up on my blog. Sigh. She read every entry on the main page. I have no memory of what I've written, but yikes, it made me uncomfortable to have her reading this and I have no clue why. I mean if I'm willing for the world to read this, certainly I shouldn't have problems with my mom seeing it. Right?

Anyway, she kept saying she wanted me to keep working, didn't want to interrupt, but she kept talking, so I had to continually get up and see what she needed. I got a few pages written after she came over, but not many. Double sigh.