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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ready, Set, Panic

Revision work continues. I'm through chapter 15 now--just 9 more chapters and the epilogue to go. If things keep on going the way they have been, I'll finish revisions on Friday night and have Saturday and Sunday to polish and print.

So last night I went to bed and I'm lying there thinking, wow, I'm really plowing through this. And that's when the panic attack hit. My first thought was OMG, thinking that was the kiss of death and I'll hit a huge problem in chapter 16 or something. My next thought was OMG, what if I'm missing something huge? Then I started worrying if there was enough suspense, enough action, if the romance was believable, etc.

I've only cut about 4 more pages in the last 10 chapters I've worked on and now I'm wondering if I should be pruning more. I'm just not seeing stuff that I feel needs to be cut, though, and I knew that the bulk of that work would be in the first five chapters--which it was.

I also worried about my peony tree. Granted, not for as long as I worried about the WIP, but still... The instructions said not to plant it until temperatures no longer dipped into the 30s and it was going to be cold here last night. I think the tree (all 2.5 inches of it) will be okay, though--it was 40 when I got up this morning.

Anyway, last night was basically a stress out night until I fell asleep. I guess it was a good thing that I was so exhausted that it didn't take too long. :-)

My reprinted bookmarks arrived yesterday, but I'd still like to know what happened to the missing box. I had an email yesterday telling me that Wednesday was the last day to proof an ad I was doing and did I have any changes? I'd faxed that back last week, so I quickly sent an email--and I think I got nailed online by my boss. :-( I'm not positive it was him, but there was a hesitation in the stride of whomever walked by. And my green and pink purse arrived yesterday. I think I'm going to keep it even if it isn't neutral and even if it is a little smaller than I expected.