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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


My parents' plane was due in yesterday at 2:30--exactly the time I get off work at the EDJ. Since I work close to the airport, I knew I'd have to hang around until they landed, got off the plane, and retrieved their luggage. I was really hoping they'd get in early so I wouldn't have to waste valuable revision time.

It started off so promising. Their plane pulled away from the gate 7 minutes early and they were scheduled to arrive in Minneapolis 15 minutes early. Yea! That meant I'd only spin my wheels for maybe 10 or 15 minutes. Only the next time I checked to see how their flight was doing, I saw they were delayed. For 50 minutes. Argh!!!

Yes, I ended up sitting at work until nearly 4pm--there was no point in fighting traffic back and forth. The airport was crowded and some woman in a Jaguar blocked me in and then stands in the road behind her car (and in front of mine) talking with her passenger. How rude! By the time I got out of there, dropped my parents off and got home, it was after 5:30.

I open up my windows. It's been really hot here the last week and I've been running the air conditioning a lot. Besides, what's there to worry about? I haven't seen any wasps hanging around for a while. As I'm 0pening the fourth window, grass falls. Yes, the grass carrying wasp had built a nest. Argh!!!

This necessitated an SOS to my dad, and while I was waiting for him, I started getting some review copies ready to be mailed. How long can it take to address a few envelopes, write a short letter and seal them? Apparently, longer than I realized.

Anyway, the books are ready to be mailed, the wasp nest is gone, and I think I finally have the prologue finished. Yes, my friend found a ton wrong with it and it took me all the writing time I had today to fix it. Thank God my parents aren't planning any more trips for a while.

And there you have it, my frustrating ARGH! day.