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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hitting the Ground Running

Sorry, no movie review today. Yesterday was another one of those days where I was going full tilt from the time I got up until nearly the time I went to bed. I had an appointment to get a new muffler/tailpipe installed which gave me another early and rushed morning. It took a couple of hours, but now the urban assault vehicle is back in stealth mode. ;-) In other words, you can't hear me coming a mile away.

Then there were chores and more chores. Sigh. I closed the day by picking up my dad from the airport and by then I was beat. Today, I'd like to plant my flowers, but it rained during the night and it's still wet and overcast, so I don't know if I'll get those planted. Unfortunately, I still have enough indoors to keep me busy all day. :-)

I saw the final episode of Shear Genius and the stylist I was rooting for won! Hurrah! I wish I could have seen the episodes that I'd missed, though, before the grand finale. I also saw that HGTV is going to do Design Star again starting in July. That was fun last year when I watched it.

Right now, I'm watching a show about shark attacks and the ten hottest spots where they happen. Florida ranked number one, BTW, but most of their bites are apparently by baby sharks and haven't caused the kind of damage that bigger sharks cause. Of course, there have been shark attacks by bigger ones, too. I remember those bull shark attacks where that girl died and that boy was seriously injured. Bull sharks are aggressive and big enough to be deadly. They're also capable of going from salt water to fresh water and back again. The only shark that can do this. And they've been found as far north as Illinois in the Mississippi River. Yikes!