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Saturday, June 30, 2007


My super cool teaser for In the Midnight Hour is up on You Tube now! I'm hugely excited about this and I didn't want to say anything until I had it up on my website and MySpace page, but I just can't wait. Patience was never my strong suit, but the video did turn out great, if I say so myself. Midnight Hour Teaser.

I took yesterday afternoon and evening off from writing. I feel hugely guilty saying that because I have revisions due on Monday. I did work during my lunch hour at the EDJ and finished everything except the one section that's going to require a lot of effort and time to take care of. All the more reason to feel guilty, but I was so exhausted that I'd hose it up if I tried to tackle it. Whenever I try to work on anything when I'm tired, I hate everything and I start gutting it. Inevitably, when I've had more rest and look at what I've done, I have to restore the original version and start over. I figured I'd skip that step this time and just wait until I had some sleep.

So what did I do on my decadent time off? My dad and I cleaned off my chaise lounge and little plastic table and hauled it up onto the deck. I helped my dad hang my wind spinner (it's only been sitting on my counter since the beginning of May!). Okay, so my idea of helping with the wind spinner was saying, "it looks good there," but hey, it had to be done! I also watered my plants and did a couple loads of laundry, watched baseball and played Mah Jong.

Yeah, I know. There was some excitement, though. When I came inside for the evening and bent to put my wood in the patio door track, I discovered a wasp! I must have rolled the door right over him and killed it. The wasp being dead is a good thing. The wasp inside my house was not a good thing.

My dad transplanted more tiger lilies from his house to mine. He's filled the entire back half of the tree ring with them, so I guess I won't be buying any more flowers next year to fill that space as I'd thought I would.

A ton of work to do today on the book. I plan to finish that and then do one more read-through tomorrow before emailing it to my editor. I think I might have to post the dancing Hobbes gif again when I finish. I'm going to need to happy dance again. :-)