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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Titles Are Hard

Revision work started out a little slow yesterday. I struggled with out to fix one of the problems, but once I got through that, I was able to power through a lot of chapters. Today, though, I hit the scenes requiring the most work, so it's going to be a long day.

Yesterday evening, I walked down to the tree ring to check on my flowers and something had ruined three more of my starfighter lilies! They appeared as if they'd been bitten through and a fourth had the leaf edges chewed off the top. Do rabbits do this? We have a lot of them around this area. I talked to my dad and I'm hoping he's going to put up some kind of wire fence to protect my beautiful flowers. If it's insects that did it, though, I guess I'm SOL. :-( I was not happy to see the destruction.

I managed to have an all day baseball extravaganza while I revised. I love having a game on, with the sound muted, while I'm writing. I was able to go from a noon game, to a 3pm game, to a 6pm game. I wish every day I write was like that. :-)

I also had a new character come in yesterday while I was revising. She did interfere with my revising, so I wasn't thrilled. I also wasn't thrilled because this puts me at like five projects now that I might/will tackle when I finish revisions and work on getting proposals together. I'm not sure if I'll do this new character's story, although it is intriguing. It's just a pretty bleak world she lives in and I was hearing her story in first person. Ugh! I hate first person.