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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Aspen Gold Finalist!

I received an email yesterday to tell me that Eternal Nights is an Aspen Gold Award finalist for Best Paranormal! Whoo hoo!!! I had to send out two more books for the final round and my dad's going to mail them for me today.

I tried to update my website last night, but I couldn't get on. That was hugely frustrating. But since I couldn't get email either or websites, I'm suspecting the problem was on my end. I'm going to try again if I have time this morning.

So I've been lamenting to anyone who stops moving long enough to be cornered that I have characters (Logan and Shona), but no story for them. I think I finally have a plot! Yea! I have a lot of details left to work out, including how the heck Logan gets himself into Shona's life to protect her, and who the bad guy (or woman) is, but at least I have the main idea. It actually came to me Sunday night while I was lying in bed, trying to fall asleep. Of course, I immediately got excited and had to get up and send an email to my friend and see what she thought. Um, even with the time difference between Minneapolis and Paris, I'm sure she was still asleep, but I couldn't wait. Besides, by writing it down, I wouldn't forget it myself. Nighttime ideas don't necessarily remain in the morning.

I'm a little frustrated by the way the information is trickling in, but I was so exhausted creatively that signs of recovery are welcome--even if I'd like the ideas to flow a little faster. My plan is not to rush anything and let the trickle continue.

Items on the To Do List accomplished: 0
Many other things that cropped up and had to be handled: Endless, but accomplished