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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Last Call

Sorry, I'm really, really, really late posting today. Overslept (again) by a longer margin and have been swamped at the Evil Day Job (EDJ) today. I was even busy during lunch today with promotional stuff for IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR.

I hope y'all had a good Fourth of July! My parents came over and we were going to have brats on the deck. The weather people on multiple stations all promised that the holiday would be rain-free and we might as well enjoy the nice evening, right?

I cleaned a little (the house needed it!) and got all my revision stuff and notes off the center island and my table. It looked so nice. I'm a total neat freak and hate clutter around me, but when I'm writing or revising, I like my notes handy which usually means piles on the center island and/or the kitchen table. I was very much admiring the clean and now-shining surfaces that I hadn't seen in so long. ;-)

So my parents showed up around 5pm and the sun was shining. As we're talking, the sky grew darker, and in less than ten minutes after they arrived, it was pouring! I mean coming down in buckets! So much for the weather guys.

We ended up doing our Fourth of July cookout in my kitchen and ate at my newly cleaned table. Good thing I put everything away, huh?

I kept telling everyone that when I finished this last book, I was having a drink. I rarely drink anything alcoholic--the last time was at RWA in Atlanta--and this is a big event for me. :-) My dad made me a drink called a melonball (Midori, vodka and OJ, I think) and I told him light on the Midori and vodka. He followed instructions, there was very small amounts of alcohol in there, but it still made me really, really sleepy. :-) Yep, I'm a total lightweight when it comes to drinking.

I was in bed before 9pm and didn't want to get up this morning. Either I need to drink more so that I get more accustomed to liquor or I need to have my yearly drink on a Friday or Saturday night. LOL! It's truly sad and pathetic.