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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunny Sunday

It took me forever to write about two pages yesterday, which was very frustrating, but at least the work on the actual scenes that needed fixing went quicker. I have a couple of comments from my writing buddy that I have to work on today, but once that's finished, it'll just be a final polishing read through.

After working for hours and hours, I went outside yesterday and sat on my deck for about an hour. Fabulous. There was a light breeze, the temperature was comfortable and I was able to watch the birds flying around. It was a nice way to unwind.

Has anyone else been getting the latest spam? The one where the note says, "I found you online and want to chat with you. I'm a 25 y.o. girl and want to show you my pictures." Or similar type words. This is lame enough, but what I find hilarious is that this 25 year old woman has first names like Jose or Carlos. Um, yeah, you might want to tweak your spam-ware so that it only uses female first names.