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Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Exciting Wednesday

Okay, so I ran into one glitch on the new network hook up. I can't get any email to send off my laptop now unless I use my cable internet account. I totally don't get this since I've been sending messages from my desktop computer off my old email addresses and the settings are exactly the same. I even wrote it all down just in case my memory was faulty. This is going to be a pain until I can figure it out. I don't want to change my email addresses so that means I have to get it to work. Anyway, I got tired and gave up, but today is another day.

So what happened on Wednesday that was so exciting? Besides the high speed on my laptop, I mean. :-) After work, I went to an used office furniture place and got my five drawer lateral filing cabinet! I've been wanting one of those for like a year now, and while it's a little banged up, it was also 1/3 the cost of a new one. I can live with the adhesive residue on the exterior for that kind of savings.

Then, while I was there, I spotted used desk chairs. The really nice ergonomic kind! I've been sitting on a office chair from probably the 1960's, long before anyone had heard of the word ergonomic. I would literally hobble after I'd been sitting in it for any length of time. The chair was twice the cost of the cabinet, but once I get it all set up for me, it'll be worth it. Plus, now I rolled the $5 chair into the scrapbook room. :-) Now I can be hobbled if I do crafts. Anyway, if I'd bought it new, the guy said it would have been like $1000. =8-O Used is a good thing.

I also got my really cool chipboard letters and figures yesterday and my card making kit. How cool is that? With a chair, a cutter, and those super fabulous letters, I seriously need to get scrapbooking.

And yes, there was writing done as well. I finally felt as if I made some good progress yesterday during lunch. Of course, I got very little done after all the running around and installing that I did, but I'm hopeful that at lunch today, I'll start chugging right along again.

Originally, I'd planned to talk about the joys of research today, but I guess I'll try to remember to blog about that tomorrow.