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Friday, August 10, 2007

No Sign of Rain

For reasons known only to my dad, he decided last night was a good night to resume watering the lawn. Keep in mind that the grass is yellow at this point because we're in a horrible drought and we gave up on the sprinkling about 2 weeks ago since it was impossible to keep up. But last night, I hear the water spigot and look outside. My dad was over arranging the hoses. When I get home this afternoon, I'll have to remember to look and see if it did any good or if the grass is still as yellow as it was.

I have a brand new lily! It bloomed sometime yesterday and I saw it when I got home from work. I would have taken a picture of it, too, although it's unlikely I would have subjected any of you to it, but it was too close to the chicken wire to get any decent shots. But I have two flowers in my tree ring and the promise of more to come! I can't wait for the Sumatra Lily to bloom--that's a ways a way from the looks of things, though.

And to round out my day, I shoe shopped online. I'd been flipping around while I waited for the 6pm news and landed on QVC. No, I didn't buy shoes from them, but that had some cute stuff from Skechers on. Whenever I see shoes on QVC that I like, I always check online because Zappos and Shoebuy have free shipping and free return shipping. And as luck would have it, Shoebuy had sent me an email coupon yesterday. Since you saved $5 with one pair and $15 with two pair, I made sure I found two pairs of shoes I liked. :-) I know, I know. But two pair really were the best deal. Besides, I'm picky enough about shoes that the odds of my keeping both pair are about zilch. Actually, the odds of my keeping either pair aren't that good. This is why I try not to buy shoes online, but it's oh-so-tempting--especially since I hate shopping.