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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Restructured and Rolling

Yesterday, I bit the bullet and restructured the synopsis. I was not looking forward to this, but it ended up being reasonably painless. Not quick or easy, but not horrible. I managed to finish that just as my lunch hour ended and then I cleaned it up when I got home from the Evil Day Job (EDJ). That probably was more time consuming than the restructuring.

I also worked on cutting. I was up at the 24 page mark and that was just too long. Besides, giving too much info isn't necessarily a good thing. I got it down to 21 pages. Still too long and I have one section I'm thinking about, but haven't decided what I'm going to do about it as yet. My inclination is to cut it or be more vague, but I'm not sure that's a section I can do that without raising questions.

I'm beginning to think my goal of printing this out tonight and sending it off to my agent tomorrow isn't going to be met. :-( Might have to be next week.

Is anyone else watching Design Star? It's on HGTV and the winner gets his own decorating show. I accidentally found it last summer and loved it! This year, though, they eliminated a whole slew of contestants in one fell swoop. I didn't like that. I'd rather see the show eliminate people more slowly, no more than two at a time, like they did last season. It's like they're trying to hurry through this run of episodes or something.

My favorite designer is Todd. I fell in love with his style when he decorated his space by painting a great big ocean wave on the walls and on one side, tearing up the furniture. It totally rocked!

I've missed a fair number of episodes which kind of bums me out. They run first on Sunday nights, and I always forget. The replays don't seem to be on very often and it's more of an accident when I actually see one. I wish they'd do a marathon where they played episode after episode. That's how they hooked me last year. :-)