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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

To Do List Blues

I'm feeling harried again. I have two things on my Must Do List for the week and at least one of them will be extremely time consuming.

Part of this stress is my own fault, I know it. If I'd worked on either one of these things over the weekend, it would have helped a lot. Of course, I didn't and yesterday afternoon, my "quick" lie down ended up lasting an hour and a half. Needed, I guess, but it didn't help with the list. (List is starting to sound ominous now.)

The biggest item is writing a presentation for Saturday. Yep, nothing like waiting until the last minute, but at least this time I plan to be better prepared than last time. Then, I had an outline of what I wanted to talk about and it didn't have enough for 45 minutes. Fortunately (I guess), when I get nervous I talk more, so I just blathered on and on. I hope to do better this time around.

One cool thing, though, is that I have a story coming together for me--finally! After Creed and Maia and all the trouble I had with them, this has been a welcome change. I still need to do some research for Shona and Logan, but I'm thinking that as soon as I get the big stuff off my To Do List that I'll start working on getting this proposal down in writing instead of just in my head. :-)