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Monday, September 17, 2007

Adventures In the Dark

I was sitting in my great room minding my own business the other night, when I heard this noise. At first, I thought my dad had come over even though I'd said not to bother, because it sounded like he was putting the key in the lock. Only the door didn't open. It unnerved me thinking someone was out there trying to get in, so I did what any author who writes kick-butt heroines would do--I turned on the porch light from inside the laundry room and called my dad. :-)

Yes, he came over and checked it out for me. The only sign of something wrong was the small rabbit on the edge of the porch. It didn't move when my dad was out there or while we were discussing it. I thought it was dead, but it wasn't because it disappeared while my dad was going to the garage to get something to pick it up with.

After he walked around the house to make sure no one was lurking, we discussed the noise. We're guessing that some kind of night predator was after the rabbit, it raced onto my porch and they tangled there. Then I flipped on the light, scared the predator away, and the rabbit was too stunned to move for a while. Or maybe too injured, although there wasn't any blood on the concrete. I need to remember this the next time I complain about how boring my life is. Boring is good. :-)

Sunday night I watched Design Star on HGTV. They were announcing the winner. I didn't vote online, although I did actually see the final design challenge the Sunday previous. The problem was I couldn't choose between Todd and Kim--I love them both! I became a huge Todd fan when I saw his room with the giant wave and the smashed up furniture and Kim is so likable, comes across as genuine and she did the best design in Hawaii for the final challenge. I was torn, wanting both of them to win. I guessed I'd be happy and disappointed no matter which one came out on top, and sure enough, I was. BTW, the winner was Kim.

I think I have the synopsis finished for my next proposal, now I just need to rewrite one scene (I scrapped the old version entirely), polish that new scene up, and it should be ready to go back to my agent. Of course, I haven't written new stuff for a while, so buckling down and producing keepable work--especially on a story that's basically been sitting for a year--is not going to be easy.