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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Consider This My Saturday/Sunday Post

It has been one long day. I had to get up at 7am for a 9am appointment, sat for about an hour while my oil was changed, and edited my proposal. Then came a trip to Home Depot where I picked up cedar mulch, weed killer, a respirator so I can spray the spiders dead outside my house without killing myself, and a cover for the peony tree so it can stay nice and protected all winter. There was some other stuff, too, but those are the highlights.

My plan for the day was to work in the yard, but my mom decided she was going to come over today and balance my checkbook. I know what you're thinking, but my mom needs something to keep occupied. My dad and I have tried a million things she can do other than sit in front of the TV. Most of them haven't worked, but this (and reading my galleys) does because she feels like she's helping me out. Which she is. So anyway, I had to find all the statements. That proved to be a challenge.

You see, the last time my mom tried to balance my checkbook was last February. It was almost a year's worth of statements at that time (I know!) and she never did get it to balance. She wrapped up all the statements and gave them to me to put away. I did, but today, I couldn't find them. They weren't where I thought they were.

Let me explain the difficulty of this problem. I had boxes I didn't unpack from when I moved a year ago. They've been shifted between the spare bedroom and my office several times. The statements could be in any of those boxes. I started unpacking them into my new filing cabinet, certain I would find them at any minute. I gave up around 7:30 after 6 hours.

In between my search for the missing statements, I had to make continual visits to the yard to okay what my dad was doing. He's laying out where the new flower garden is going to go. My outdoor plans included helping him with this, but that didn't happen.

So I emptied a bunch of boxes. Yea! And never did find my bank statements. Boo!

This is really bugging me now because I know I had them. I remember holding that bundle of statements. I just can't remember where I put them. I'd like to continue going through boxes tomorrow, but I need to write.

Bottom line, one long and busy day.