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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Gardner Gone Wild

Since today is the last day to get the early bird discount off the flower bulbs I want, I spent last night online putting in my order. Why not save $35, right? And I was planning to order anyway, the discount just pushed up my time frame a bit.

I ended up buying some really unusual things. The Christo Tulips are major cool and then there are tulips that look like peonies! Although, I suppose I could have just gotten real peonies from my mom since she said she needs to thin out her bushes anyway. Ah, well, deer don't like tulips--let's hope rabbits don't either. I ordered two different daffodils and some giant hyacinth in multiple colors. I got hardy gladiolas and this really unusual looking peach-colored lily. I also got some flowers that will come up early in spring and I'm hoping I hit a wide enough variety to have blooms all season long next year.

There were more flowers I really, really wanted to order, but they were either too expensive or the smallest quantity that could be ordered was too big for my yard. TBH, I really only have my tree ring for flowers and I might have to do some improvising on where to put them. I'd like to get a really huge planter for the front of the house and fill that, but I haven't even looked yet. Oops. Guess that is going to jump higher on the priority list.

I ended up joining some gardening club thing. I'll get issues of some gardening magazine, which I won't have time to read; be able to join an online site for members only with bulletin boards, which I either a) won't have time to read, or b) won't understand what they're talking about. For all my chatter about my flowers, I basically planted them and forgot about them except for one weeding excursion and my never-ending battle with that wascal wabbit. As a member, I also get discounts at all these different flower bulb sellers, which will be cool because I plan to order some more stuff in the spring--as soon as I dig up more of my yard to add more beds.

I'm making fun of myself and the fact that I'm such a novice when it comes to flowers, but I really enjoyed watching my lilies bloom this summer. I liked the tiger lilies I got from my parents, too, but it wasn't the same was watching my flowers come alive--if that makes sense. So I want to fill my tree ring and add some color to the front of my house for next year and just enjoy them all.

I also found some really cool flowers that are supposed to attract hummingbirds. I'm thinking of putting them on my spring 2008 To Be Bought List.